Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Norway tragedy and Amy Winehouse

An odd grouping of people at first glance, but these deaths of course have both made the news within days of each other.

92 people have been killed in the massacring in Norway on Friday, and then a bombing happened too - my thoughts go out to their families. Of course, this has recieved a great deal of media coverage, as it is a terrible tragedy, but just two days later, Amy Winehouse was reported dead by Sky News, having suffered from an overdose on Saturday.

Tragedies happen at the same time all of the time, but these were both notable for one reason or another - and there has been a lot of controversy on Twitter from those mourning the Norway deaths, angry at the amount of mourners tweeting and reporting the death of Amy Winehouse. The fact is, that all deaths that occured this weekend were equally as tragic - whether self-induced or not, Winehouse suffered and her family are suffering, highlighted even more by the abuse that they're probably getting for their daughter having 'stolen the limelight' from the sufferers.

The world of celebrity is always going to be huge in the media, and although I wasn't a fan of Winehouse personally, many, many people are upset about her death as she was a huge influence and talent for this generation.

Rest in peace, people who suffered at the hands of Anders Behring Breivik, and also Amy Winehouse, whose death is still very sad, and doesn't deserve all the moronic comments such as 'wat about the ppl of norway its her fault fuckin druggie' etc. She was cremated after her funeral today, Tuesday.

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